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Stories of Synchronicity

"Many things happen to us in life that are fraught with meaning. Amazing coincidences that become turning points in the road. Happenstance events that suddenly become pieces of the puzzle of our lives. Put them together, and you may find an answer to why things are the way they are. Soul Moments is a wonderful collection of such times..." --Gannett News Service

"A delightful reflection of our communal experience of moments that defy rational explanation." --NAPRA ReView

The prickling anticipation of a call seconds before the phone rings, the chance meeting that opens a career path, the eerie realization of a loved one's death half a world away...Across the boundaries of time and culture, people have experienced synchronicities that can reveal a hidden order to seemingy randam events and offer a glimpse of their destiny. Cousineau shares more than 80 stories of coincidence --from ordinary individuals as well as well-known scholars such as Larry Dossey and Huston Smith--each story demonstrates how meaningful coincidence can profoundly change and guide our lives.