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THE BOOK OF ROADS: Travel Stories

Praise for this long-awaited collection of more than 60 of Phil Cousineau's travel stories and reflections from the road:

"Poetic and wondering and haunting, a collection of moments that shake in the heart like tuning-forks....It's a lovely book, distilled and transporting and threaded...by the ardent, gentle, and hopeful spirit of deep inquiry…." --Pico Iyer, author of The Global Soul

"The Book of Roads is a very thrilling piece of work."
--Alexander Eliot, author of The Timeless Myths

"Its fine, true current carries fragrances and faces, landscapes and stories, rooms carved out of rock and the sudden jolt of perception sharp as a sail-driven wagon wheel covering hitherto untraveled ground."
--Jane Hirshfiled, author of The Lives of the Heart