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SOUL: An Archaeology
Readings from Socrates to Ray Charles

"Soul is an audacious but rewarding anthology of poetry, song, fairy tale, meditation, reminiscence, disputation and confession....inspiring, often mind-blowing and sometimes even a little scary....Cousineau offers a bracing and yet somehow intoxicating brew intended to revive us and fortify us." --Los Angeles Times

"A treasure trove of writings on 'the language, lore and imagery of the soul.'" --Publishers Weekly

"Phil Cousineau writes with brilliance but always from the heart. He manages to present not less than fifteen words for Soul but maintains it as the greatest mystery. Indeed, he pays honor to that 'inner universe that is as vast as the outer one.'' --Robert A. Johnson

"Few writers approach the problem of soul with anything close to nuance. But Phil Cousineau's Soul: An Archaeology deserves honorable mention... the book is charming for its intelligence and playful eclecticism." --Utne Reader

"This book is a welcome, comprehensive collection on the subject of soul. Cousineau digs deeply for treasures, ancient and modern, clearly demonstrating that the search for soul is the search for the authentically human. Soul is an enjoyable and enlightening journey through something that is too often relegated to the mysterious." --Matthew Fox