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TO CONTACT PHIL COUSINEAU, please send a detailed message using the form below. Be as specific as possible in your query. Please also add your name in the text of the note. 


  • Invite him to lecture or lead a workshop for your group, class, or workplace. For 35 years, Phil has been speaking and teaching on a wide range of inspiring topics from creativity and writing, pilgrimage and travel, to beauty and myth.
  • Inquire about writing consultations on books, scripts or other creative projects. Contact Phil if you are stuck with your writing, or need to rekindle your creative fire. An expert on the "hero journey" structure of screenplays, Phil not only gives professional script readings, but is also an accomplished story consultant and script doctor. As a writing coach, he has helped more than 100 people finish writing their books. He has worked as story consultant for clients such as LucasFilm, Warner Bros, and PIXAR. 
  • Invite him to lead you or your group on a customized travel program. The author of the bestselling book, The Art of Pilgrimage, Phil has been leading small group tours to sacred and/or culturally rich places since 1984.
  • Purchase autographed or other copies of his books, films, postcards, broadsides, and more.